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Tat Wax

Tat Wax


Your going to love this tattoo salve! 

It's made with all natural ingredients, free of petroleum,paraben, lanolin, dyes, synthetics, chemicals. No fake stuff here. It's even vegan and grain free!


Loaded with soothing and healing medicinal herbs,oils, and butters.  Tat Wax is an ideal alternative to drug store jellies and synthetic creams traditionally used for tattoo procedures and healing. An ultra moisturizing and absorbent base of infused organic grapeseed, olive & Coconut Oils to nurish the skin and stave away infection,  local NM Beeswax keeps skin hydrated while creating a thin waxy protective barrier without clogging pores. Organic essential oils of  Peppermint and Lavender soothe tender and itchy skin. Antioxidant-rich Rosemary Extract and non-GMO Vitamin E are added to improve stability and nutrify healing tissues. Hemp oil to help reduce inflammation and soreness. Hemp also regulates collagen production, so it helps soften and smooth the area where your new work is done, which reduces the appearance and texture of the scar tissue.


Speed up your healing process and renew your ink with Tat Wax!



    New Mexico Locally sourced organic ingredients whenever possible, Otherwise regionally, responsibly, & ethically sourced with no added fillers. Made in small batches to preserve consistency.

    Complete list of ingredients: Herbal Infused grapeseed & olive oil base (Plantain, licorice, Elecampane, St. John's wort, Thyme, Comfry, Calendula) Bees wax, Mango & Shea butter, coconut oil,Vitamin E, Sea buckthorn, CBD (100 mg),  EO of: Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, Tea tree, Frankinsense, peppermint.


    Due to Covid-19 returns are not accepted at this time. Feel free to contact directly for replacements or refunds.

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