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Sun Slather (waterproof)

Sun Slather (waterproof)


This Reef safe, waterproof Mineral sunscreen is not your average drugstore sunscreen! Most formulas containing even the smallest amount of zinc on store shelves are extremely overpriced so many people are not accustomed to using natural alternatives but I don’t want anyone to be surprised! With Sun Slather sunscreen a little goes a very long way, please do not lather on loads of your sunscreen as it will be difficult to rub in and you will most likely be wasting product. The consistency is different than the runny lotions you find at most stores and your skin will turn a slight shade of white but nothing that is unsightly or embarrassing, just rub it in. it is just the right amount to provide long lasting protection without turning the person using it into a ghost. For best results, apply a small amount to fingertips and rub onto the skin until evenly distributed. You will be amazed just how long your product lasts!


    New Mexico Locally sourced organic ingredients whenever possible, and No added fillers. Made in small batches to preserve consistency.


    Due to Covid-19 returns are not accepted at this time. Feel free to contact directly for replacements or refunds.

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