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Potato Salad Seasoning

Potato Salad Seasoning


For years everyone raved about my potato salad because it was so tasty & unique. Practically a meal on it's own, but definitely a fantastic compliment to a BBQ, or even a simple sandwich.
All your spices pre-measured and blended perfect for you cutting your prep time in half!  Chop and boil some potatoes, add some mayo and a scoop of this delicious seasoning & boom.... The perfect Potato salad every time.  My favorite way to enjoy it is to also add some bacon crumbles, a few diced olives and fresh chopped Italian parsley. 


My Recipe:

6 Medium/ Large Potatoes
1 Cup of Mayonnaise ( I use Chosen foods avocado mayo )
2 Tablespoons of NLN Potato salad seasoning
4 strips crispy bacon
A  2 oz can of diced olives
Handful of fresh chopped parsley. 


Wash & partial peal potatoes (leave some skin on there it's nutrient dense) Chop to preferred size chunks and boil to desired tenderness. ( I like my potatoes cut in 1 inch squares and to be a little firm so about 12-15 minutes) drain and allow to cool at least 20 minutes.
Once potatoes are cooled down add all of the rest of your ingredients and mix well, refrigerating for about 2 hours ( even better overnight to allow those spices to bloom into the potatoes)
Serve and enjoy.



Paleo or AIP? No salt or whole 30? I can also customize this mix to meet your dietary restrictions. Get in touch with me directly for details.