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For-tea-fy "Power Tonic" Adrenal blend Tea

For-tea-fy "Power Tonic" Adrenal blend Tea


For-tea-fy with Tea!

Fatigue and tiredness affect us all at some time and whilst often a few good night’s sleep will fix this at other times our fatigue is such that we may need some assistance to rebuild our energy.
Teas have been used for centuries to bring the health benefits of plants directly to the body. Native leaf's Power Tonic features 9 herbs known for their mineral rich nutrients. This is a fabulous tasting tea that will make your body hum and give you a natural energy boost, especially when used daily. Large size contains approximately 20 servings. Small size approx- 12.

Our endocrine system, notably our adrenal and thyroid glands, are significant keys to our daily energy levels. Our adrenal glands produce a variety of hormones which include adrenaline and steroid hormones – such as glucocorticoids. The glucocorticoids are important as they regulate our metabolism. Additionally the hormones produced by our adrenal glands are involved in a wide range of essential biological functions – from regulating our blood pressure and heart rate to our immune system. If we have reduced adrenal function then then our adrenal glands will struggle to produce the levels of hormones our bodies need to be able to function at an optimal level.

Directions for use: Steep 1 tablespoon in a tea-ball or sachet covered for 10-15 minutes in a cup of hot boiled water. Remove Tea bag & enjoy up to 2 cups per day daily.

**This Tea Contains hibiscus which is generally avoided during pregnancy. Consult with your provider if you have any concerns.**


    New Mexico Locally sourced organic ingredients whenever possible, and No added fillers. Made in small batches to preserve consistency.


    Due to Covid-19 returns are not accepted at this time. Feel free to contact directly for replacements or refunds.

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