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"Don't sweat it" Probiotic Deodorant

"Don't sweat it" Probiotic Deodorant


Tired of ruining your white shirts with nasty yellow-brown sweat blotches?  Believe it or not, it isn't your sweat that causes those embarrassing stains—it's the aluminum salts in your antiperspirant! Besides the obnoxious stains, a host of other problems can result in the use of heavy metals & perfumes in your deodorant, like plugging your pores and screwing up your underarm microbiome! 

Probiotic deodorant works so well because the GOOD bacteria in probiotics keep the bad (smelly) bacteria at bay.

This particular probiotic deodorant glides on smoothly & won't crumble when you put it on. It also won't leave you with that "swampy wet" feeling many natural deodorants give you. It has a pleasant light fresh scent  suitable for men or women, and contains 2.5 oz of product which should last you as long as any of your other deodorants do.

If you are trying an all natural deodorant for the first time, do expect to go through a transitional period call a "detox" I personally find it best to wear zero deodorant or antiperspirant for at least a week prior to switching to an all natural deodorant, but you may find other ways to speed up this process.

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