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Bone Broth

Bone Broth


Broth is nutrient-dense, low-calorie and high-protein. A fantastic addition to any recipe in place of plain old water. I myself, enjoy a cup every morning simply due to the nutritional benefits it affords. It's also what I suggest for clients with digestive disorders. It's easy to digest and filling, which could help support weight loss. Plus, some of the amino acids in bone broth have been tied to benefits including better sleep, reduced inflammation, and healing of the digestive tract. It also contains a handful of vital minerals which help in every aspect of our health.

I use all organic ingredients to cook my broth for over 18 hours to bring out the delicious rich flavor as well as optimal nutrition. It tastes homemade, without all the fuss of shopiing, prepping, simmering, straining, and storing broth yourself. 

I started using bone broth 5 years ago and rave about the benefits my family enjoys, now I want to share that with everyone. I also try to keep my prices lower than that of major brand store bought because I believe in #bonebrothlife! 
Give it a try.


    New Mexico Locally sourced organic ingredients whenever possible, and No added fillers. Made in small batches to preserve consistency.


    Due to Covid-19 returns are not accepted at this time. Feel free to contact directly for replacements or refunds.

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