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Bites be gone

Bites be gone


This hand crafted all natural cream is perfect for all types of itching: insect bites (mosquitoes, bees, hornets, black flies, etc) Bites be gone dries into a soft paste to not only aid in immediate itch relief, but acts as a barrier to prevent further bites or infection in the area. Bites be gone is sweat proof too!

Conveniently packaged in a .15ml pump , you can take it anywhere.


Apply as needed to insect bites, stings, and itchy skin as soon as possible. A little goes a long way!


    New Mexico Locally sourced organic ingredients whenever possible, and No added fillers. Made in small batches to preserve consistency.



    Due to Covid-19 returns are not accepted at this time. Feel free to contact directly for replacements or refunds.

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