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Did you forget the "Sun slather"?
This amazingly soothing and cooling sunburn creme is sure to impress you and suppress the burn. With it's incredibly nourishing ingredients and refreshing smell, you'll look forward to each application!  I've been sharing this remedy with friends and family for years, so you know it's tried and true- and now it's available for anyone! 

Generously apply cream over the affected area several times daily. You'll feel results immediately, and see them within a few days. You may even notice that you don't even peel if you treat the area soon enough.

Expert tip: (FIRST AID)
I apply a cold milk or ACV (apple cider vinegar) compress directly to the Sunburn as soon as possible to pull the heat.

How to: Make cold milk compresses by soaking a clean cloth in a bowl with equal parts milk, ice cubes and water. ... The fat, protein and pH of milk have a soothing anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. What's more, cold temperatures constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling.

How to: Make an ACV solution by putting 1 part acv, to 2 parts ice cold water in a spray bottle. Apply diluted ACV mixture to skin. Allow to soak into skin until dry, then wash gently in cold water. Pat the area, DO NOT SCRUB. Air dry.

-And tell your friends about this amazing remedy!!

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